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Looking for a laser machine that cuts fabric fast and precisely? This model is the best machine for you!

As the laser cuts the fabric, it will sear the edge of the material, stopping the fabric from fraying on the edges.Now Fabric cutting with a laser has become incredibly popular.

You can also use the laser to create multiple-layer appliqué by placing multiple pieces together, then kiss-cutting each laser as necessary.

Product Description

CO2 Laser cutting/engraving machines series are very popular in the market around the world .they have high stability and accuracy. Quality and price ratio is high.
They employ stepper motor and driving system imported from USA.
LCD, PCB lamp motherboard, USB port
water-cooling system, CO2 Laser
origional straight-line-guiding-track from Japan.

Technical Data

Model ETC-1680
 Laser type  China CO2 laser tube
 Laser power 30w-150w
 Engraving area 1600×800mm
 Engraving speed  0 -1500mm/s
 Cutting spees  0-800mm/s
 Repeating lacating  ±0.05mm
 Moving system  CNC control system
 Cooling mode  Water-cooling and protection system
 Whole power  1250w
 Working voltage  220±10% 50Hz(60Hz)
 Operating temperature  0~ 45℃
 Prerating humidity  5%-95%
 Controlling sofeware  Eastern laser software
 Graphic format supported  CAD BMP,JPG,PNG,TIF,PCX,TAG,IOO,GIF,PLT
 Gross weight 350KG

Applications & Materials

Engraving/ cutting of fabric and leather in garment, embroidery, toy ,handbag, glove (optional honeycomb baseboard)

From cotton, to suede, to twill, to nylon, an Eastern laser system can cut them all. Take your design from almost any graphic design software (that's right! There's no new software to learn!) and output it to the laser. you just need set the speed and power for the material you are cutting. It's that easy!

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