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Etlaser laser cutting machine apply optical, mechanical, electric as a whole, with the advantage of processing accurate, fast, simple operation, which have been widely used in leather, textile garments industry.
Eastern CO2 laser engraving machine can engrave, cut, or mark many materials, all with one laser engraving system! Take a look below at ....
CO2 laser marking machine is also called vibrating mirror type CO2 laser marker; it adopts high speed scanning ....
1. Different working principles. Laser engraver (laser engraving machine) works by reflecting and focusing the laser on the work piece, through which the work piece will be...
Laser machine processes the materials with the laser while traditional CNC engraving machine process the materials with metal knives:...

Our  laser system  highlights  an array of different applications!  Browse  through this great  resource
and discover all the creative things you can do with  Eastern laser.

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China manufacturer of laser cutter, laser engraver and laser marker

Founded in 2002, EASTERN LASER is a well- recognized laser technology leader in Chinese laser machine industry. Our focus is on top-notch laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and CNC router for various materials and demanding applications ...Read More

ETF Series Auto feeding laser cutting machine is our customer-made machine for fashion industry which require continuous fabric cutting for production order. Equipped with an auto-feeding system and stainless steel conveyor table, customer can keep cutting production job in one roll fabric quantity.It save tremendously human hand and production time...
ETD series double head CO2 laser engraving machine has fast curvilinear cutting function: ETD Series double head CO2 laser engraving cutting machine can cut curve fast and consecutively. The laser heads are moving in beautiful arc just evoke your imagination of top gdrade racing car.
Featuring high stability and accuracy, this laser cutting machine with co2 laser system employs stepper motor and driving system imported from USA. LCD, PCB lamp motherboard, USB port water-cooling system, domestic -made 30W-150W CO2 Laser origional straight-line-guiding-track from Japan.
CO2 laser marking machine is the new generation laser marking system introduced by Eastern laser company. The machine adopts the industrial standardization module design. CMT series adopt full set of imported metal sealed radiation frequencey CO2 laser, with high speed scaning vibrating lens and extending focusing system,high stability,anti-intervention industrial computer system, high precise vertical up-and-down working table. The machine can work on a continuous 24 working hours in high stability, high precision, high speed. The marking software base on windowns operational software,it is easy to operate and has won good feedback from our customers.
YAG-DP series laser marking machine employs imported semi-conductor module, high-speed optical scanner, Q switch and YAG laser rod to ensure rapid scanning and high precision. This machine also has self-control cool-water circulating system to ensure continuous long-time running, suitable for precise etching and marking on both metals and non-metal materials, widely used in marking electronics, clocks & watches, eyeglasses, automobile parts, hardware tools, plastic keys, medical apparatuses and communication products, etc.
FOL series Fiber Laser Marking Machine adopts imported fiber laser generator and high speed Galvo system to enable stable output and high quality laser mode. Fiber laser marking machine can meet the demand of mass production with fast marking speed,good marking effect and high efficiency. Furthermore, it aslo enjoys the advantage of easy operation, low running cost, long-term working and free from maintanence.
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